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Computer training for blind and partially sighted people

Vision Through Sound is a not for profit community interest company. Our directors are Stephanie Sergeant, Nigel James and Heather Duke. Empowering visually impaired people with information and assistive technology, and being sensitive to different user needs we enable them to pursue their own life’s vision.

Aims & Objectives

By working with other businesses, Vision Through Sound aims to enable visually impaired people to be able to use computers and smartphones, in a way that they could not before. The benefits of this are the following: 

  • To give visually impaired people new life skills
  • Enable visually impaired people to find work.
  • To benefit the families of visually impaired people by enabling them to live more independent lives.
  • To benefit the state, as due to the independence visually impaired people will need less care from society.

Personal Profile

Steph, one of the directors of Vision Through Sound, is blind herself and has a life time’s experience of developing methods of being independent and making full use of the tools available. She has worked as a computer programmer for 20 years. She also has a degree in Psychology and a BTCS qualification for teaching talking software. She trained as a rehabilitation worker for newly blinded adults in Britain and the USA. She has worked for Action for Blind People as their User Participation Coordinator.

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Stephanie demonstrating tactile graphics to the Queen