Welcome to Vision Through Sound

Vision Through Sound enables visually impaired people to live their lives more fully by learning  to use smart phones, computer technology and the World Wide Web.

We will help you to use a phone or a computer for work and for pleasure - to browse the Internet, to  send emails, to download files, to contact friends  and family, to join online communities - in fact, whatever you need a computer to do for you, we will give you the confidence and the tools to make it happen.

We are working on 2 projects that are cutting edge technology, testing and developing them as well as providing training and support.

It is exciting to be involved with such brand new products.

Below is a list of some of the gadgets we're training people to use.



The Canute is a braille e-book reader, the first multi-line Braille display in the world.


Vision Through Sound will be providing technical support by phone for the Canute.

The following link shows film about the Canute:


Low Tech, Voice-operated Phone

In Your Pocket provides access to thousands of talking books, daily newspapers and pod casts. It is a voice operated smart phone. Has a simple Sat Nav function, and much else, see


Audio Sign for Shops

We have received lottery funding to install Bluetooth beacons in shops and public buildings. When messages are recorded on these beacons, they will speak as the blind person with the phone passes that building.    

Fair Trade Project

We have recently visited Zambia to provide training there too.

Our work in Zambia has 2 strands, one is our connection with the Lion school for the Blind in Ndola. We send out Perkins braillers, hand frames and styluses. At present the pupils have 84 hand frames to write with, and there are 150 pupils there, so they work in pairs, with one pupil waiting for the other to finish. Despite this,  they teach to the 11th grade, and many pupils we met said they aim to progress to university, become teachers, politicians, or lawyers!


The other strand is where we are in touch with a group of blind adults in a village, who are creative in making products that they can sell locally and on the internet. We are developing ways of marketing what they make. They have asked for talking bibles in the Bemba dialect, so we have sent several, from www.megavoice.com 

Pictures of our work with a blind community in Zambia can be seen here

Access to computer screens

Whatever your level of knowledge we will build on it. We can teach you about screen magnification and how to get the best from talking screenreaders like NVDA (Non Visual Desktop  Access)

Link: NVDA can be downloaded for free here:

iPhone Speech

The iPhone with built in speech and large print output

 Ideal applications for those with a visual impairment. Kindle books can be read in audio or large print, books scanned into speech, and audio books downloaded.

Visual Awareness Training

Vision Through Sound gives talks on visual awareness to help care providers and companies communicate with their clients and customers more effectively.

Guide Dog Speaking

Stephanie is a speaker, on behalf of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. This means she gives talks to any interested parties. The talks to school children also include a demonstration of the specialised equipment and picture Braille books that form part of her life and enable her to live independently and contribute to the lives of others.