Stephanie and one of her students at a training session

Computer training for non-sighted and partially sighted users

Charisma Training was started by Stephanie Sergeant in 2009 in order to provide basic IT skills for partially sighted and blind people.

The Internet has become such a vital tool for so many people and Stephanie saw the huge potential for it to revolutionise the lives of those with little or no sight.

Our sessions are informal, combining humour and expertise, to encourage confidence in the participants.

Jan Baugh said after half a day of training, ‘I think I have changed from I can’t do computers, to I can.’ She continued with her Open University counselling course.

Training sessions can be held in groups or on a 1 to 1 basis. They can be in libraries or other public areas, or in client’s homes; or by phone, as any talking software will speak exactly what's happening at the other end of the phone.

Skype is another possibility, particularly useful for those not in the UK.

Stacey was 21 and long term unemployed, she worked for me enabling me to do the things needed for the business that required sight. Charisma training gave her a good reference, and she has been working as Asda for over a year now.

An asylum seeker who gained permission to remain with his wife in this country worked for me for several months, and now successfully works in the complaints department of the National Express company.

Aby a student at college, whiz kid with smart phones and the internet. Can ask her to do anything, and she will have a go.

Helen, who thinks outside the box, in true Blue Peter fashion.
Steph teaching Iphone
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To give you some idea of what clients have achieved through these training sessions, here are some results;

One trainee in South Africa, was given a job after learning to use Thunder and Webbie.

Another client found he could design a guitar more easily being able to access the internet himself.

John finished writing his second novel once he learned how to type in Word.

Our trainer, Stephanie Sergeant, has a degree in Psychology and is a fellow of the school of social entrepreneurs and is accredited to train with Thunder software on the BTCS scheme.